Introducing E-Z Latch


E-Z Latch is a magnetic latch system for double doors.  It replaces ball catches that can be loose and rattle.  The magnets latch both doors at the top and align the doors at the bottom.  The magnets and plate attach with screws.  No drilling our routing, saving you time.

Powerful Neodymium Magnets hold doors tight- Eliminates rattling
Latches at the top & bottom
Doors are kept perfectly aligned
Never needs adjusting
Nothing to wear out
Retrofit existing doors in minutes

E-Z Latch comes bulk packaged or in an individual retail box. 

The EZ Latch is now available in BLACK powder coat matte finish.  This will be a better fit for all stain grade door products as well as those who are using Oil-Rubbed Bronze hinges and hardware.


From BMC Utah:

I rarely see such ingenuity and engineering in the millwork industry, let alone products that are so simple to switch over to.  Between the quality of the doorMAX products and the speed to which they deliver BMC has found a true partner.  We have not had one call back for a warranty or defective item over the last two years since we switched.  We have had other manufacture reps ask me who I buy from because they have customers asking to buy the doorMAX product due to end user demand.  This speaks volumes to what we have been able to do together over a short period of time.



I installed the EZ Latch system on 5 sets of double closet doors today - we LOVE them already!  They were easy and quick to install.  Thank you for such a perfect solution to a problem that we've dealt with for many years.


EZ Latches are $10 for each set.  They are available in off-white & black.  Shipping is $6.80 for 1 or up to 6 sets. within the continental U.S. only.  If you would like to order more than 6 sets, or wish to ship outside the continental US,  please email me at bob.doormax@gmail.com for shipping rates and to place your order.    - Thank you.

Purchase 1-6 Off-white EZ Latches

Purchase 1-6 Black EZ Latches