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Introducing E-Z Sill

The E Z Sill is a sill (threshold) especially designed to allow the door shop to build a sealed unit, using a standard 4-9/16" interior flat jamb and 1-3/8" door slabs. 

Most door shops build this type of unit using exterior jambs, thresholds and 1-3/4"  exterior door slabs. 

This unit is usually made to allow access from an upstairs bedroom, hallway or closet into a portion of the attic that is usually unfinished.  That's why it has to be weathersealed. 

It goes from a heated and cooled space into the unfinished part of the house.  But since it's inside the house, it doesn't need to be a true "exterior door". 

By using the E Z Sill, the door shop is able to provide this unit, using the same door slab that is used throughout the home. 

There's nothing about the door that looks different from all the other doors....until you open it. 

The weather strips and threshold are opposite the living area, so they are only visible when the door is opened (into the attic space) to gain access into that area.

It's low cost allows the door shop to build a sealed unit for less than $10.00 more than any other interior door.  The door shop has to run a kerf in the door stop (on the table saw) to accommodate the weather strips.  Once these are prepared, they are stapled to the door jambs, and then used when running the door slab through the door machine, just like any other door unit. 

The final step  is stapling the E Z Sill in place.  This final step takes less than two minutes!  There is no prep needed on the slab.  The unit is finished!

The E Z Sill comes in lengths of 36-1/4" to accommodate full-width 3-0 door slabs, but can be cut to any length on the chop saw.  The aluminum will not damage the saw blade.  A wooden insert allow them to be stapled in place.  That way, the unit goes out to the job site, ready to install. 

The trimmers hang this door the same way he does all the others.

They are packaged 16 units per box.  Doormax pays the shipping with  4 or more boxes.

DoorMAX is the only source for this threshold.  It is not available from anyone else!

E-Z Sill