Introducing E-Z Drill

The E Z Drill is a hand held tool that allows the door shop, or even a trim carpenter, to drill the hole for the drive in ball catch in any 1-3/8" door.

There is no measuring needed..  When the E Z Drill is placed over the corner of the door, it will always drill the hole dead center and always 2-1/4" from the edge. 

It is made of a single block of aluminum and weighs just over one pound. 

It comes with a 15/16" multi-spur bit that will drill a perfectly round hole with no chance of damaging the door. 

There is nothing to wear out but the bit itself.  It can be resharpened several times. 

Replacement bits are available for $50.00 each.

Only one other hand-held tool of this kind is available and it sells for $475.00.  The difference is that it adjusts to accommodate 1-3/4 doors as well.  Almost all doors that get the ball catch are 1-3/8" doors.

Replacement EZ Drill Bushing

EZ Drill

Replacement EZ Drill Bit Collar



Replacement EZ Drill Bit

EZ Drill is $149.95 & shipping is $13.49.    Replacement bits are $49.95 each and shipping is $6.80 for up to 10 bits within the continental US only..  Replacement bushings are $10 each and extra bit collars are $2.00 each both with a $6.80 shipping charge.   If you have any questions regarding your order or you wish to ship outside of the continental US, please email me at bob.doormax@gmail.com.      Thank you.